Thursday, January 15, 2009

With Big Gigi in Hawaii

Of Course I would have never been able to be Little Gigi if it weren't for Big Gigi!!
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This is all new to me but here goes.

My nephew Christopher has inspired me to start my own blog after seeing his blog about living with Chron's Disease. (Luv ya Chris, and all those other Lombardo's scattered all over the place).

I don't know what I'm going to Blog about, but I guess I just want to leave some kind of written words for my grandkids. What does blog stand for?

All day today I have been watching NBC news about the plane crash out of New York. I thank God that everyone survived. This was truely a miracle. I think God has sent us angels in those that train to do jobs that help other people, and He had many angels ready and waiting today.

Now I am watching President Bush saying his goodbyes to this country as we await a new President and many changes. May God guide us through these upcoming days and be with us all at this very important time in the United States and the World.